People don’t care what you did, they care why you did it

“People don’t care what you did, they care why you did it.”
This is a marketing tip, not something to live your life by. So just in case you do care, I’ll explain why I wrote my book, ART-WRITE.

I was working as a writer/developer for an educational media company and the project grant came to an end. No job for me. Angry and depressed, self-pity ensued.

I asked myself, what do you want to do?

I answered myself. Write.

Write about what? Art.

What about art?
Not criticism. I want to write something that supports artists.
Hmmm. I’d been helping my artist friends write their statements and website pages, so I wondered if I could develop a how-to book on that subject. Research begins. Niche identified.

My husband and I made an agreement that I would take one year to write a book. One year to focus on one subject. Two teenagers, one manuscript. Check.

I wrote the first outline with colored pencils and pens in my sketchbook.
Stressful life events occured. I quietly set aside the book project.

Then an old friend lured me to LA with tickets to RuPaul’s TV show, Drag U. On the set, I was bowled over by swashbuckling performance art and the pervasive dedication to excellence. As RuPaul teaches,”You better work!” Back home, I reread what I’d written. I sound like a beeatch school marm. No wonder I’d stopped writing.

The next day I got a call from my neighbor, author Laurie Notaro. I told her my writing didn’t feel right and that I might be reading too many arty books. She said, “Oh you can’t do that! Stop reading other books! It’s too easy to lose your own voice!”

Starting fresh, this time with humor, I wrote the chapter on Tone and Truth. The muse sat on my shoulders and would not let me up. Never have I thought so obsessively about one subject.

With my voice intact, I cannot shut up. The book took one year, 2012, to write.

I wrote the book to help artists, and to help myself assemble the fragments of insight concerning communication that I’ve accumulated over the course of my non-linear career. All for art, the one subject that holds my interest always. All ways. 

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