The author

Vicki Krohn Amorose is an artist, writer and arts advocate. Her book, Art-Write, is used widely by artists and art schools and her writing appears in magazines and gallery exhibition catalogs. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Vicki works with several organizations in the service of artists, with a focus on contemporary art and writing.

Vicki is an artist member of  GraySpace Project and Eugene Contemporary Art, and a faculty member at ArtMBA. She studied Art History at the University of Michigan and fine art at Academy of Art University San Francisco. Her professional background includes voiceover, educational media writing, copywriting and art teaching. Her performance and conceptual art background includes The Nuclear Beauty Parlor and the Church of the SubGenius.

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She chatted with her publisher, Luminare Press, about ART-WRITE:

Luminare Press: What brought about the idea of ART-WRITE?

Vicki Krohn Amorose: Writing about your own artwork is not easy. As both a writer and an artist, I found myself helping my artist friends with their writing. After a while I discovered I had a book in me.

LP: Does ART-WRITE address a need in art education?

VKA: Truthfully, I wish I could hand this book to my younger self in art school. But education happens all your life and ART-WRITE is intended to help all visual artists. When I was doing research, I could only find brief advice on how to write about your own art, maybe a few pages of do’s and don’ts. Artists can find lots of mockery of artist statements, but no real help to write something better!

LP: In the first chapter, you make a clear case that writing is essential to sustaining a career in visual art. Is that a current trend?

VKA: From what I can see, the Internet has upped the importance of writing skills and we live in a culture of self-promotion. Most artists are unprepared to tackle their own promotional writing.

LP: Self-promotion is difficult for people in all fields. Do you think it’s more difficult for an artist?

VKA: Yes. Art is personal territory, and concepts are conceived and expressed visually because words aren’t enough. But writing is the ticket to opportunity and connections. Artists have to get past the difficulties and learn to write with confidence.

LP: So ART-WRITE teaches how to get past those difficulties. Anything else?

VKA: I wrote ART-WRITE because I believe in the power of words. I think artists will be a little bolder, a little braver in their reach, once they’ve accomplished some art-writing. And this world needs more art.